Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A love's wrath

My dark February
My forever sanctuary
Love or hatred?
It is a chase to uncertainty

Shallow desire-
a taste of forgiveness
Time gives birth of confusion
Is it you or just the seduction?

Cursed I am under your breath
You're the fire that burns my soul to death
And still the angel that saves my heart
through the sharpness of a million darts

Love is defined as sickness
While hatred a cure
I guess these Lines are true,
but still the right line is I love you

DIY 100 watts stereo amplifier with 5 band equalizer

This is my DIY (Do it yourself) sound system with the following specifications: 100 watts power, Class C amplifier (designed by LAGUISMA electronics), and a 5 band equalizer (designed by SANYO).
This has a good sound quality (no distortion as checked on the oscilloscope), loud and clear!

For other details, here is the Documentation of the project.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


One morning, when i woke up, I turned on the television, cause it's my daily routine to see what's on. As I scanned the channels, I ended up in a show wherein the topic is all about the situation of the world regarding matters that includes money, and it is compared and situated in the bible. The narrator states that nowadays, the world is now getting very very near to a situation for what she calls cashless society. Maybe you're trying to figure out what it is.. Well, cashless society, as stated by the TV show narrator, it is the state of a society wherein money (as in the paper money) will not be used frequently or not to be used completely (in the future). Instead, we use smart cards such as credit cards, debit cards, and other forms of smart cards for us to fulfill or make an exchange of goods and services (buying and selling).
But why is it on the controversy? Why is it discussed? Is this technology an advantage or a disadvantage to the society?
Yes! It is portable, easy to use and very convenient. But, take note.. there's nothing in the world that has a complete and excellent quality.
The narrator stated that using this smart card rather than real cash is not a real good thing for which privacy is taken from an individual owning a certain smart card.
How? When you acquired a smart card, you then have an account in the bank or institution or company or whatsoever. The bottom line is.. the computer system is controlled by a person, obviously, for which he/she has the key or the authority to check or watch over your account. Get it? (I'm not discouraging people in acquiring such card, I'm just discussing what I've seen on that TV show)
Or.. your account could be hacked and then hackers can manage themselves to your account, or let's say your money can be stolen! Ain't cool, right?
In other countries, National ID system is used for protection against terrorism. These IDs' are still smart cards. As what I've said.. "Privacy"
As discussed and situated in the bible, in the book of revelations, stated that there will come a time that all who can only buy and sell goods are those who just have the number 666. Scary?
It means that there will come a time that the anti-Christ is in control of all of us, that we do not have that "privacy" anymore.
As I understood, it means that as the world's technology even got powerful, the more we will be more-believer in things rather than God. Get it?
We are diverted in a world wherein such things might take over the control and authority over us!

Let us keep the balance over things around us and let God be first in our way! =)

Thursday, May 15, 2008


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Monday, May 5, 2008

SEPTICal Fury (Part II - Final chapter): A napkin that costs 6000 Philippine Peso

Finally, we have contacted the guys that will fix the problem regarding the septic tank. Blah blah blah.. enough with the intro..
They started making a hole in our kitchen floor (the septic tank is located there). After a few hours, an arousing smell came out! Wow! the hole was built, at last! Then, inspection was initiated. They found out that it was not an overflow! Thank God! Then, they cleaned the pipes connecting the bowl and floor drain to the tank. And kaboom! they got it! the thing that clogged the pipe! Surprisingly, it was a piece of napkin that was trapped for a long time and finally gave in. That's not all, there were garbages along! At that time, I was so furious that I could rip off the face of the person who did that! Luckily, she's not staying anymore in our boarding house or else!
After the clog was removed, the shits were flushed totally and put back to the place where they really belong.
Whew! one problem down!
But we were broke! pocket broke! We spent approximately 6000 Philippine Peso!
But at least the shits have finally get over with my life! Our life! (Sighs)
That's all..
End of story..
LOL =)

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

SEPTICal Fury (Part I): Revenge of the powerful mud

It was a very beautiful day! I woke up with the sunlight smiling in my face. Flowers are blooming and so am I. Then suddenly one of the boarders living downstairs called me down. She said there was water coming out from the other room. Then I get down immediately for check up. As I unlock the door, Yes, I see the water, and I said to myself, no doubt, it is just a leak from one of the faucets in the bathroom inside the room. As I open the door, well, to my surprise, there were mud all over the place! I really have no idea what it is. But by the time I opened the bathroom door, all of the bad words came out from my mouth! Hell, there are shits all over the bathroom! As I said, at first, I don't know what it is, so I just stepped over the mud. Yucks! So disgusting! I just then realized that the septic tank was full that's why it overflowed. Men, I don't know what to do! I informed my mother about what happened. We were troubled, so badly! Getting rid of those mess costs a lot of money.
Men, I tell you.. This thing that happened to us, it is worse than a heartbreak!
I took a picture of it but I don't think I'll post it in this blog directly, I'll just put it in a link.. If you want to see it, just click this link below..
-----see picture-----

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Drug addiction and Alcoholism rehab program

We all know what drug is, specifically illegal, and also alcohol. This is also one of the main problems of the society for which it does not only give crime a big boost but also a big hazard in the human body, different illnesses will take over.
But does anybody think that it is hopeless to discard this kind of situation a man have in his/her life? Is it hard to loose from such addictions?
There’s a way!
They can bring back your normal, happy, and healthy life!
A different kind of Drug and Alcohol Recovery Center in Texas!
It is the Texas Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program and Recovery Center – Relapse Prevention. The Mark Houston Drug and Alcohol Recovery Center offers that hope. Their unique rehab program, which combines the elements of a longer length of stay (90 days), a gender specific (males only) environment, 4 ranch-style residential homes set on 70 beautiful acres, and a staff that models recovery at the highest levels, can be your chance for a life of permanent sobriety. They believe that alcoholics and drug addicts can be taught how to live a sober, responsible life that is characterized by permanent sobriety, self respect and authenticity.
Through healthy exercise and proper diet, the regain of strength in the body will be at its fast trend of improvement, you will learn how to create energy from the inside out rather than take it from other sources like drugs, alcohol, anger, and control. You will
learn life skills such as financial sanity, nutrition, and disciplined meditation that lead to a permanent sense of inner peace.
The rehab program is definitely designed to bring the total transformation that is so necessary to permanent recovery and relapse prevention. And though the program length is 90 days (three times that of the standard program), the program just costs as comparable as to most programs which are enclosed within 30 days in length.
It includes the 12 step program, by far the most widely effective methodology used in drug and alcohol rehab programs in Texas and throughout the United States.
This program brings not only recovery from physical contamination but also brings the patient closer to God and understanding about the essence of life.
So, if you have a love one who is engaged with such problem, or even you, who is at the darkest moment of your life, the Mark Houston Drug and Alcohol Recovery Center’s door is open for you! And is just a phone call away! Just dial. 866-905-4550

Change for your family, friends, society, yourself, and especially to God!